The Indian Dairy Industry is posed to emerge, as a strong player in the international market of dairy products in the near future and presently our country is the world's largest milk producer.

  The new value added product plant consists of :

Products (Available)

1)         Double Toned Milk
2)         Toned Milk
3)         Cow Milk
4)         Cream
5)         Table / Fresh Butter
6)         Ghee from Cow Milk
7)         Whole Milk Powder
8)         Skim Milk Powder
9)         Dairy Whitener

Second Phase Products

1)       UHT / ESL Milk
2)       Cheddar Cheese
3)       Processed Cheese
4)       Cheese Powder
5)       Whey Powder
6)       Casein
7)       Lactose
8)       Whey Protein Concentrate

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